General Thoughts

Take It Easy

We've all heard it. We've all said it. Think about it, "Hey Grandpa, slow down, take it easy. Let me get that for you." Now, as noble and respectful as we are trying to be, it is probably the worst deconditioning enabler we can participate in. It actually goes against every current philosophy related to strength, endurance, mobility and balance in the maturing population. Now I'm not suggesting we let Grandpa pop a vein lifting something off the garage floor but I am suggesting we encourage his self sufficiency and only help out when needed.

I have a neighbor living right next door to my cabin, upstate Arizona. He is out there raking, blowing leaves, moving firewood, trimming trees, rolling his garbage can around all weekend. Every weekend. Not bad for a 70-year-old EXCEPT he's 86!!!! You would never know it. He's proud of his mobility, he's active and healthy, and he gets a little ego boost every time someone finds out how old he is.

Then, I have some dear friends who eat too much, drink too much, sit around watching television all day, and can barely make it walking their dog down the street for her evening constitutional. They have a landscaper, a pool girl, a house cleaner, a window cleaner, and a nanny who plays with the kids. It's a good thing they have a lot of money because they're gonna need it all for all the medications they take because of high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and depression. And, they're in their mid 40s.

We can't "take it easy" anymore. We have to remain active.

Think about it.

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