Topping out / Humble Re-start

So, I topped out on my deadlift at 330. Very frustrating. Couldn’t get it to budge any higher.

Did some research and it looks like the only solution is to take a big step back, forget about single personal reps and go back to 5x5s for a while.

Thus, now back down to 235 and I’ll work my way back up again.

Sometimes you just have to suck it up and admit you’re not as strong as you used to be.


General Thoughts


Really. Can’t get into a set / rep scheme groove. Can’t decide if I want power lifting moves or classic body building. My new kick is clean & jerks. Because I’m lazy and argue the Clean is a deadlift-upright row-shrug-heel lifts-front squat with a push press. Then add bench press twice per week.

Here’s what’s really poor and de-conditioned C&J looks like.

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1000lb Club Still Far Away

I guess one of our fantasy goals when first starting to power lift is getting into the 1000 pound club. Any combination of your max squat + max deadlift + max bench > or equal to 1000 pounds.

I fell out of that club long ago.

But, here I am breaking 305 on a max squat. (The video will be right side up when you play it.)

Note the goofy topsider deck shoes. They have the flattest heel I could find.