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There’s No Such Thing As Objective Truth – WTF????

Does the world actually believe the absolute insanity that is coming out of Giuliani’s mouth lately? Truth isn’t truth. Everyone has their own truth. Oh man. There’s no such thing as objective truth. This guy is losing it too.

No Rudy. Truth is truth. Period. Alternative facts are lies. Period. Objective truth is exactly that – objective, verifiable, proven. Objective truth is fact. Period.

Again, only the uneducated are falling for this garbage.

General Thoughts


Man, yet another disappointing week in the home gym. Too many excuses for putting off workouts and then spending the rest of the day being mad at myself for doing so.

Changing workout again to a four day rotating powerlifting series. 1×5 warm up. 2×3 75% 1 rep max. 3×2 80%. 5×1 85%.

This is a 20 minute embarrassing attempt at consistency.