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Still Struggling with a Set Workout

So, as you know, I’ve been bouncing around trying different set, rep and weight schemes, powerlifting only, Olympic lifting only, barbell complex workouts only, old school pyramid schemes, etc etc.  I just can’t get into a groove.  I’ll pick a workout type and end up only being able to stay with it for a few weeks.

My latest kick, a combination of power lifting and Olympic lifting with 48 minute mountain bike as a conditioning / aerobic add on.

Essentially: Snatch on Monday; Bench on Tuesday; Squat on Wednesday; Deadlift on Thursday; and Clean & Jerk on Friday.  8 total sets in a quasi 5 / 3 / 2 / 1 rep scheme.

I think I found what the problem might be.  If I know I have a grinding 5 x5 workout coming up with Squats and Deadlifts, I spend the whole day coming up for excuses not to do it.  It seems I am now “too busy” for a 45 minute to 1 hour workout.  I like the short 5 set snap workouts that I can bang out in 15 to 20 minutes.  But, what benefit are those?  Well, better than nothing but not really conducive to proper strength training.

I do, however, love the fact that I can practice / work on the five major complex lifts mentioned above.  The powerlifts give me the ability to work on pure strength training and the Olympic lifts give me the ability to work on dynamic complex movements involving conditioning and speed.

Now, I find that I’m super de-conditioned in the snatch and the clean & jerk.  So I decided to drop the weights way down, to the bottom and start concentrating on form, balance and technique (that goodness for You Tube).

Here is a shot of me trying to snatch.  Moderate success.  It will be a long road with this one.


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New Years Eve 2019

Santa didn’t bring me any new weight lifting related books this year. Bummer.

I took today off from lifting and hiked in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. 2.22 miles in 1 hour and 28 minutes. A few stops to use my pruning tool to cut some nasty cactus out of the way.

I’d like to get this down to 1 hour 15 min. We’ll see.

Ok, Happy New Year and I’ll be in touch soon.

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I Voted Gray

I saw a lot of stickers yesterday, one this morning (in fact) declaring, “I Voted Republican” or “I Voted Democrat”. I’m not sure that’s something to be proud of. If your sticker said, “I voted intelligently after understanding the issues and the ramifications of my vote” (Probably too long of a sticker) then I would be impressed.

Just to click off the switches in the Republican column or blacken in all the Democrat boxes in their column is not impressive. It says you really didn’t care what those people or those issues stood for. You just voted for them because they were “Republican” or “Democrat” or what ever. That’s not something you should brag about. All it says is that you’re a follower who will believe what ever propaganda is put in front of you. All it says is that your not intelligent enough to see through illogical arguments, lies, and exaggerations. It tells everyone you’re not an independent thinker who can, for example, believe in the death penalty while also believing in right to life (not actually my believes, just an example). Finally, it’s a further example of why we need to make sure education in this country is properly funded and provided.

All sides, I’m afraid to say, are depending on an intellectually weak constituency. This way, they can just put what every they want in front of you, and you’ll buy it. I challenge you all, for the following election cycles, to remain current on the issues; know who your public officials are; and read your pre-vote booklets thoroughly. Make intelligent, well thought out decisions. Don’t just vote blue or red or purple for that matter. Vote gray. (As in gray matter, as in – with your brain.)

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Disgust in The Newsroom

Fox News has GOT to be kidding me. They claim “words” are not actions. Even if Trump says “slam some journalists” he’s just talking. The Five is disgusting. They outright refuse to accept when the bully in chief encourages physical attacks on opponents that he would therefore be responsible for the morons who idolize Mr. Hump and the dangerous things they do.

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Voting out of Fear

Listen to both sides. They’re both making outrageous claims and trying to sway you over to their side out of fear. The appeal to emotion. argumentum ad metum. And, when they try to instill panic, it’s called argumentum in terrorem. Both are fallacies of logic.

Both sides are counting on lack of education. Sometimes literally, as in you’re a moron. Sometimes figuratively, as in you’re too lazy to check out the facts of their allegations.

Trump is making statements to suggest the current 5000 plus immigrant migration coming up from South America is full of criminals and Middle Easterners. No proof. In fact, there’s not one Middle Easterner among them. Appeal to your fear in hopes you won’t research the facts.

Dems once proclaimed “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor” only failing to also say a large percentage of doctors were avoiding Obamacare like a plague. Hoping to scare you into believing you’d have to get new doctors without Obamacare, they lied.

They all lie. We have to remain vigilant, educated on the issues, willing to research the facts, willing to check into their allegations and we need to reward those that look out for the taxpayer, the worker, and those in desperate need of education with our votes.

Stop being scared and start being smart.